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All athletes needs the guidance of an experienced coach who can guide them through to achieving their goals without suffering from injuries and over training.  Coach Roth has over 25 years of providing services like this to athletes of all abilities.  The same principles of training that have been used to coach athletes to All-American Awards, National Records and International Championship Medals will work for you too.

Below are Training Plans designed for all different interest levels that will get you to your goals.

Online/Remote Coaching
For experienced athletes or those needing a basic training plan and are not within a reasonable distance to get regular personal attention.  Individualized plans are designed to get you toward your goals.  Email updates are done on a monthly basis.  1 chat/email per week included.  1 technical video review included for first timers.  A minimum commitment of 3 months is required.

Professional Athlete Coaching
For athletes looking for more attention, targeted at those with goals of competing at the National or International level of competition.  Individualized plans updated bi-weekly, weekly email/chat, 1 video review every 3 months.  A minimum commitment of 3 months is required.

Individual Coaching Sessions
Do you need a hands-on personal session scheduled to work on your technique and/or fitness under the watchful eye of an expert?  Sessions can be scheduled for select locations in the North Raleigh and Wake Forest areas.  Individual and package deals available.

Video Analysis
Everyone can benefit from technical corrections to their walking or running form.  It helps you move faster and avoid injuries.  Having an expert in biomechanics make that evaluation is important, just like having a mechanic look at your car.  A short video on your phone or camera uploaded to my webserver will allow me to do that for you.  A written report on how to fix your movement patterns will follow.  Individual and package deals available.

Payment Options

Use the PayPal Links below to purchase the Coaching Plan of your choice.

Online Coaching

Professional Coaching

Individual Sessions

Video Analysis