Coaching services are available for athletes of all ages and ability levels. From beginners to professionals, youth through masters. There is a plan that can help you improve your fitness and racing performance. All coaching is communicated through an app called Final Surge, which is available free to athletes.

To inquire about Coaching, send a message to Coach Roth. Individualized plans, which can include strength training components, are available for everyone and are priced reasonably to meet your budget.

Coaching plans begin at 3 months in length, as that is what is required for your body to adapt properly to even begin to see gains in fitness. Longer commitments are recommended, especially if you are properly training for races well in advance of the competition date. Races of 10km through 20km / half marathon should anticipate a 6-9 month commitment and if your goal is longer than that, 9-12 months will be necessary to get you to the finish with minimal risk & maximum rewards.